Cold Breeze, Warm Sun

January has decided to be a little bipolar. One day it's freezing, the next it feels like early Spring. I certainly won't complain when it means warm sun and cool breezes! Today I had intended to run on my lunch break. I've written about how I do that, so check it out if you want... Continue Reading →

A Cold Run in January

Today was a cold day in January. Just barely above freezing, there was a sharp, gusty wind working against me for most of the run tonight. After sitting in my nice, warm car on the drive home, I really considered skipping the run for today. But I really need to take advantage of any days... Continue Reading →

The Road to Mini 2018

I've written before that my annual tradition with my brother is to run a miniMarathon every spring. We run one of the easiest Boston Marathon qualifying courses, so it's mostly for fun. We do get a little sibling rivalry going sometimes! This year I want to keep a running log on the site to track... Continue Reading →

Thinking Keto? Read This First.

A few years ago, my sister-in-law kept going to the hospital. We thought it was because she was pregnant and having false labor. But, after she delivered she went back in again. Turns out, she had gallstones. It was then that I found out my mom had gallstones, too. She had her gall bladder removed... Continue Reading →

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