“Camping” with the kids

I remember wanting to “camp out” all the time when I was a kid.

The idea of sleeping someplace other than my bed was so appealing for some reason. Right now, I’m having a hard time remembering why. I mean, I love my bed! Why would I want to sleep on the floor???

My kids have discovered this amazing thing called the “indoor camp out”. They like to ask, “Dad, can we camp out tonight?”

Here’s our “camp”:

It’s not much, but they are so captivated by this concept. They ask me every week. I just can’t make myself do it very often. Did I mention how much I love my bed?!

Taking this time with the kids is important, though. They won’t want to spend time with me like this for much longer. Pretty soon it’ll be camping with friends. And then, parties with girls/boys. Yikes!

The one thing that is going to make tonight easier is my run from earlier. I’m feeling super relaxed after this awesome run!

Hopefully everyone will make it out of this experience alive. Just kidding! But really, I hope I get some sleep tonight.

Until next time…

Happy Running

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