When the Honeymoon is Over.

Have you noticed how life comes in cycles?

Well, maybe you haven’t been alive enough to notice that yet. But for those of us who’ve been around for awhile, we know it!

I read a book the other day talking about the stages of marriage. First, is the honeymoon phase. The time when the one you love can do no wrong. When the birds start singing only for you and your loved one. Ahhh, the honeymoon.

You know, eventually the honeymoon ends. Bubble burst. Sorry.

After that comes the disillusionment phase. When your partner’s real self becomes apparent. There’s no hiding the ugly truth about yourself at this point. They know it all!

In the disillusionment phase you have two choices: stick with it or get out.

Unfortunately, many people in today’s world “get out”. Whether that’s quitting your diet and exercise, or leaving your marriage. It’s a sad commentary on our ability to commit to something or someone.

But if you manage to stick with it, you enter the commitment phase. This is defined by a deeper level of understanding and respect for your partner. You learn to appreciate your differences and value the little things in the relationship.

Now, I hate to compare marriage to running, but there is a certain correlation. Running long distances takes time and effort. It takes commitment, even when you don’t feel like lacing up your shoes. And even worse, it requires you to work twice as hard every time you get sick.

The honeymoon phase ends really quick with running. (Just look at how many treadmills are for sale in March!) And when it’s over, most people don’t stick around long enough to overcome the disillusionment with the activity.

Fact is, once you are able to start breaking your barriers, running becomes easier. And you begin to appreciate the subtle things about it. Like the time alone with your thoughts. Or the time spent in nature.

You only get the highs from a relationship with running if you’re willing to stick it out for the long haul.

Anyway, I’m back in the disillusionment phase with my running. Trying to break through that 5-mile barrier. Once I get past that again, I’ll be right as rain!

Here’s the stats for today:

I wish a long and happy marriage for you. And a long and fulfilling run, too!

Until next time.

Happy Running!

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