When the kids are away, the grownups will…

Every once-in-awhile my mother- and father-in-law will take our kids for a few days. Today, we dropped them off for the next three days.

Three days. No kids.


Oh wait. We still have to go to work. And the grocery store. Those meetings after work. On, and on, and on.

Most of the time, we start missing the kids within 24 hours.

They provide so much fun distraction from the busy-ness of being an adult. Being an adult is not nearly as fun as being a kid. And their energy reminds of the wonder we had as children.

One thing we don’t miss is all the noise. If kids came with a mute button sometimes…

Tomorrow we’ll enjoy a nice, quiet breakfast. Then, we’ll FaceTime the kids and be grateful that the yelling is on the other end of the phone!

Do I write about running here, or what?!

This week has been so busy! That, and the weather has been crummy. Finally, it’s getting warm, but that has brought tons of rain.

Last night the rain was coming in so hard against the house that I thought it was hailing.

I panicked because I left my car in the driveway, then I looked outside and realized it was just rain. Whew!

Today was warmer and partly sunny. So, I finally got out for a run. Started out a little slower, but got quick at the end.

I know you’ve been anxiously waiting, so here are my stats:

Until next time,

Happy Running!

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