Burpee Challenge

Do you have a friend that’s always going these ridiculous challenges?

My friend, Chris, did a kettlebell challenge this past summer. He swung that kettlebell something like 10,000 times on one month. You know what his hands looked like after a few days of that? Tenderized meat. Ewww.

I have another friend, Eric, who is like a second brother to me. I only mock complain about the way he makes me do things to get healthier. Like how he turned me on to AdvoCare products. Yes, my life and my wife run much better after our morning Spark, thank you very much Eric!

But now he’s got us all doing these Burpees. Know what that is? Here’s a video to demonstrate.

So, the challenge is to do 10 the first day and add 2 every day throughout the month. At this point, I’m up to 34. Oh boy, do they feel good…not.

On the flip side, my arms and chest are starting to look more toned. Haven’t heard my wife complaining about that!

One thing people don’t think about running, is the importance of upper body strength. Really. It makes sprinting so much easier, helps pull you up those big hills, and carries you across the finish line when your legs feel like jelly.

Upper body strength is important for runners.

So, maybe you want to do the Burpee challenge in March? No?

Okay, then I’ll leave you alone after my stat report for the day:

Until next time…

Happy Running!

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