Did you win?

I think I’ve shared before about how my kids like to exercise with me. And by exercise, I mean dance around and make pretend that they’re actually doing something even close to resembling stretching.

Like, for instance, how I was stretching my legs and my daughter ends up in the splits. Yeah, daddy can’t do that sweetheart.

Or, like how I was doing push-ups one time and my other daughter banged her head into the floor trying to do one, too. (I felt so bad, I had to stop and console her for 5 minutes!)

This morning they asked me if I was going to win. I didn’t understand the question. I was just getting ready to go out for a short training run.

Am I going to win against…who?

I puzzled through this question on my run, and I still wasn’t sure what to say. When I got home, they asked again, “Did you win your race, Daddy?”

I just said, “Um, yeah!”

They started dancing around and yelling to their mom, “Dad won the race!” Very sweet, but also I have a lot to teach them about competition…

Without further ado, today’s stats:

I’m about a month ahead of last year in terms of training and speed. Feeling good about that, especially since the weather has been horrible around here.

I hear a heat wave is on the way…

Happy Running!

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