Her Knight Dance

There is a great non-profit organization in Lexington called HerKnightDance. Their one purpose is to make one weekend in February the most magical time for dads with young daughters.

It’s called the “Her Knight Dance”.

Her knight being her father, of course.

So, dads and daughters get all dressed up to attend a princess ball. They come in princess gowns, or sweet little girl dresses. They come dripping with glitter and fake gems. Their tiaras on their heads, and their scepters in their hands.

They come from all backgrounds. Rich and poor. Black, white, brown. Some with physical and mental handicaps. They all come to mix, mingle and dance like only little princesses can.

Chick-fil-A sponsors the food. The kids are served their famous chicken nuggets, fruit salad, and a cookie. Plenty of that great lemonade and sweet tea, too!

Many local photographers show up to donate their services. They make the little girls feel so important, as they sit on dad’s lap in these grandiose chairs.

And for two hours, they dance and prance and twirl. They are the star of the show!

They always are the star–at least to their dads. If you have little girls at home, then you know. It’s hard to resist the love that comes pouring out of them. When they say things like, “Come sit on the couch and snuggle, Daddy!”

I don’t even have words to describe that feeling.

There aren’t enough good dads in this world.

It’s easy to see the effect of this, as we look around and see so many broken people and families. But this dance showed me that there are still men who want to step up and be there. There are still men who want to make their family a priority.

For one magical night, everything is perfect.

I can’t wait to go back next year!

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