I Still Need a Name for My Horse…

You gotta help me out with this guys. A horse needs a name. Especially if he’s running in the Derby!

And, it has to be the AWESOMEST name ever!

Seriously, it’s a flaming horse! I can’t call him something silly like “Princess Rainbow Baby Unicorn”…even if that’s what my 4-year-old suggested.

It has to be awesome people.

Am I setting myself up for a Boaty McBoatface situation here?


I’m going to make the final decision. But, I would love to have some input!


Okay, begging is over, now here are the stats for today:

Almost broke my PR split on that last mile!

Thanks for tracking with me here. Would also love to hear about how things are going for you!

Drop me a note in the comments?

Until next time…

Happy Running!

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