Cold Breeze, Warm Sun

January has decided to be a little bipolar. One day it’s freezing, the next it feels like early Spring. I certainly won’t complain when it means warm sun and cool breezes!

Today I had intended to run on my lunch break. I’ve written about how I do that, so check it out if you want some tips! But, I didn’t end up having time. Fortunately my day ended a little early, so I took off right after I finished at work.

It’s nice to run at work for a couple of reasons. First, it’s not at the crack of dawn. Second, it’s usually warm. Third, I don’t miss out on family time. And finally, it’s a different course!

Variety is the spice of life, or so I hear. I think I agree. Running the same course, day after day, gets a little old.

So, here’s my run from today:

You’ll notice the first mile isn’t the longest. That’s because I didn’t have a bunch of little kids begging for my attention after I started the run tracker!

The littlest one is yelling at me right now. “Dadddyyy!”

Probably won’t run tomorrow, because I have to fast for some blood work. So, until next time…

Happy Running!

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