A Cold Run in January

Today was a cold day in January. Just barely above freezing, there was a sharp, gusty wind working against me for most of the run tonight. After sitting in my nice, warm car on the drive home, I really considered skipping the run for today.

But I really need to take advantage of any days that don’t involve ice and snow, so I headed out as soon as I got home.

We’re trying to find a balance in my house right now–to figure out how to make time for me and my wife to both get a workout into the day. Tonight it meant me skipping dinner with the family so that I could run and still be back inside for bedtime. It’s a song-and-dance we’re going to need to perfect over the next few months.

Anyway, here are my stats for tonight:


The only thing I don’t like about my setup is how I have to start my run tracking before I actually begin running. Tonight, my first mile time is super slow primarily because my son kept asking me questions as I tried to get out the door.

It’s like, “Okay buddy, but daddy needs to get going for his run now, so I’ll explain why the sky is blue when I get back.”

I did learn something new tonight. I learned that on days that are close to freezing, it takes me three miles to get warmed up. By warmed up, I mean that instead of thinking about how cold I am, I start actually feeling comfortable.

Thinking of hot, what do you think about my featured image for this series? I was searching Pixabay.com for “running” images, and this popped up. Immediately I knew this was the image for me. Seriously, what’s better than a FLAMING HORSE????

Uh-oh. Now my kids are calling me in for a rousing round of the PJ Masks matching game. So, until next time…

Happy Running!


2 thoughts on “A Cold Run in January

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  1. That’s one of the things that bums me out about cold weather running–takes so long to get warm. And then if you stop or walk, forget about it! Guess it’s good incentive to keep going though!
    Good luck getting your routine together ;).

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