Santa’s Banana (It’s not what you think!)

Every year, my wife takes the kids to see Santa at the local mall.

He’s a great looking Santa. He has a big, fluffy white beard. Mustaches that curl up in just the right way. And, a perfectly sized, “bowl full of jelly” belly.

But…he doesn’t have a great personality.

Which is fine, because he’s just there to take a picture and move on to the next kid(s).

My son has a gregarious personality. He can’t stop talking.

He drives mommy nuts, because she’s slightly introverted and likes her peace and quiet.

Unfortunately, he gets his personality from me. I watch him sometimes and it’s like looking at myself from the perspective of my parents. I must have driven them crazy!

The day they went to see Santa, the photographer had to take a break just as they sat down in Santa’s lap. If you give my son an opening, he’ll strike up a conversation with you. Turns out he had lots to say to Santa.

“What kind of cookie do you want for Christmas, Santa?” he asked.

Before Santa could answer, my son had already answered for him.

“You know Santa, you don’t make very healthy choices. I’m going to leave you a banana this year. Do you like bananas? I’m going to leave you a banana and some carrots and celery for your reindeer.”

I promise you that his mom and I don’t obsess over food. But, we do talk about making healthy choices.

My son is a sugar fiend. He also gets his sweet-tooth from me. We often talk about how to make healthy choices with what we eat.

He just passed along a bit of his “wisdom” to Santa!

If you’re someone who can moderate how much sugar you consume, don’t feel bad about enjoying the sweet treats of this season. Just make sure to balance it out with some healthy fruits and veggies.

If you can’t moderate, don’t feel bad about saying “no” to the sugar. There are some great recipes for no-added sugar treats out there! (Just check out these Brownie Energy Bites!)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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