Ruck Sack Run Friday’s 

There’s nothing like having good friends.

I’m always reminded of that on Friday’s, because I get to work out with a few of my closest friends. We’ve dubbed it the “Ruck Sack Run”.

We have these old army ruck sacks filled with bricks. They’re about 30lbs each.

We run a mile with the pack, and follow it up with a cross-training circuit.

Our circuit consists of push-ups, sit-ups, jump rope, and squats (with the pack, of course!). We do as many reps as we can in one minute.

It’s a great way to start the weekend!

It gets the blood pumping, revs up the metabolism, and relieves some of that work-week stress.

The best part is getting to spend time with some guys that I love.

These men push me physically.

Eric and Chris

This morning we woke up to the rainy spinoff of Hurricane Harvey.

Three of us were thinking about staying in our warm, dry beds. My friend, Chris, said he wanted to run anyway.

We all hemmed and hawed, but we none of us wanted to be the one to back out.

They push me in my personal life, too.

My friend, Eric, found out that our wives were doing this women’s study, “A Wife After God’s Own Heart”. So, he got the guys together to do the husband version. It was in this study that I was confronted with the lack of leadership I displayed in my family.

I’ve written about that experience here.

I had a total gut-check about how well I was performing as a husband and father. Turns out, I was just treading water, and not showing my family the way to the shore!

I left that experience with a clear picture of what a Christian man should do as the leader of his family.

They push me to be a better dad.

On my own, I can tend to be a little lazy.

I’ve always talked about taking my kids backyard camping. But, it wasn’t until Robbie came up with a plan and set a date that it actually happened.

We did a really fun daddy-kids camp out in his back yard.

The kids all had a blast, and we did too. I was skeptical of how well they would do, but no one got hurt, and everyone had a great time.

Most importantly, our wives were happy to get a peaceful night of sleep!

These guys are my band of brothers.

I’ve written before about the importance of having a “band of brothers”. That every man needs a group of close friends to support them in this life.

We men are often bad at making and keeping friends. It gets even worse when we add kids to the mix, because our free time disappears so quickly.

The end result is that men end up living lives that are isolated. This isolation is leading to increased suicide rates among middle-aged men.

If we give all of our time and effort to our family, but neglect ourselves, then we end up becoming an empty shell. On the outside we look great, but inside we’re completely empty.

Having close friends allows us to be filled up–emotionally, spiritually, physically.

When our cup is running over, we can meet the needs of our family without running ourselves empty.

These guys make sure my cup is always full. And, that’s one of the million reasons I love them!

They make Friday morning my favorite of the week.

Robbie, Eric, Me and Chris. Nothing can stop us!

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